Financial help for the unemployed

by on July 30, 2012

Considering the situation in which America is today, more than 10- 20% of the individuals are jobless and are frantically searching for employment. This implies that majority of the families are under immense pressure and are struggling with these financial stringencies across the entire nation. It’s really difficult to figure out on how they make their both ends meet!  Though providing financial assistance for these unemployed individuals have always been the prime focus when helping initiatives are thought of, but again there are several other things as well which can be done to mitigate this issue.

The prime concern of the individual at such a stage should be to look for a job which would act as the sole savior at such circumstances. Though few individuals who lose their job have some or the other kind of savings, a 401K or some kind of financial assets but again three are funds which are subject to depletion and hence a way has to be found as a solution to these problems. In situations when you are in dire need of cash, you can obviously look into the various minds of benefits that might help you withstand the ongoing crisis moment by providing you with the resources.

In this edition we would discuss about few popular benefits which an unemployed individual can avail from the government to mitigate the financial stringency and the crisis situation that one is facing. The prime benefit which an unemployed individual looks for is the access to cash. One can get to know the various kinds of unemployment assistance programs which are available state wise and locally.

In few regions these unemployment assistance is referred to as unemployment insurance, where a financial help is provided to those who have met with an unexpected job loss situation. For knowing the eligibility criteria, one needs to check with the local unemployment agency or the department of labor so that you can apply for the same accordingly.

Apart from the financial assistance programs, food stamps are the other kind of options which is provided to unemployed individuals. The amount that is sanctioned to an individual depends upon the number of individuals in your family. The eligibility for one to avail the food stamp program is also based upon the value of liquid assets one holds. In most of the cases, you get to find these kinds of assistances provided against the debit cards. The processing of the food stamp program application program is done at the social-security office.

Next, the housing assistance which is provided to the unemployed individuals is the other kind of assistance which is provided. Now getting a housing assistance depends upon the kind of dwelling in which you live.

Individuals who have mortgages would surely be having various kinds of monthly payments amounting to several dollars. Apart from the above mentioned benefits which are provided to the unemployed and jobless individuals. Health insurance is the other option which individuals suffering from unemployment can opt for. All those who are unemployed need to avail the facilities which are provided by the community centers for health. For all those nearing the age of retirement can avail the elderly plan like foe e.g. the ‘Medicare’.

The other important option which one can opt for is the re-employment factor. Many might have lost of job due to inefficiencies in the job role or field or due to insufficient education. There are several students who avail scholarship programs as well as grants and loans. Even though these kinds of expenses are not a form of real cash but are option which one can resort to, which would, aid one in re-entering the job-market. The new knowledge that you would again, after the course would give you better standings in entering the employment once again.

In addition to the same, it has been seen that there are several other options like the employment & training administration work in tandem in getting things in place. This ETA is one which funds the programs, providing assistance to the jobless individuals.

Every state has its own employment assistance programs for helping the unemployed individuals or the jobless. Few career options are also maintaining job banks, whereas others hold various kinds of job fairs as well as providing referral candidates are some of the plans which these employment assistance provides. Apart from all these, you get to find that US labor department provides training for jobless individuals

Next you get to see various kinds of public assistance programs which also provide a great deal of help to these unemployed individuals in getting jobs soon. A temporary assistance for these needy families (TANF) when there is no fixed income flow. This is basically program that is funded by the federal government in providing financial assistance to the needy children, as well as would-be mothers. TANF also provides assistance to families for paying their household bills, utility bills, food, housing bills, etc. In some occasion medical assistances are also provided by TANF. Few states also provide on job trainings to adults.

Few states also help jobless individuals with various kinds of mortgage assistances, varied kinds of loans, and services for meeting their basic and essential needs. The department of labor in United States provides the details in its official website pertaining to the varied kinds of assistance programs which it gives to the unemployed individuals and the varied kinds of career centers it has.

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