Food stamps for Unemployed: How to Qualify For it

by on May 4, 2010

Food stamps for Unemployed: How to Qualify For it

Modern age is the clear display of sharp economic challenges. The state of being unemployed under such circumstances make them depressed and distraught from life and the world around them. Hence, many people start looking for schemes related to food stamps unemployed. Prior to availing the schemes of food stamp unemployed, you need to go through paperwork and interview process, and they are not at all a difficult process to achieve as it sounds.

Some working people do meet the criteria for food stamps unemployed and can utilize them in their personal expenses plans to settle the cost of household foodstuffs. Irrespective to the fact that you are unemployed or working people, your family circle must not have above a certain income or level of assets. Normally, the utmost food stamp benefit for a single person is approximately $150, but the amount can be reduced, provide that you possess some form of income like unemployment benefits or incoming child support expenses.

You will have to consult your local Social Services department to obtain the application of food stamp unemployed combined with a certain process. The approval process can take maximum 30 days unless you meet the criteria for emergency assistance, you are provided specific documents.

The required documents normally involve inclusion of any pay-stubs associated with income, such as SSI, joblessness or job payments. Further, you need to provide proof of U.S citizenship along with a copy of your car registration(s).

On the whole, food stamps for unemployed can not be used for everything at a foodstuffs store. Further, it is treated a criminal offense if found selling them for cash or exchange for goods. Some foods stuff such as pet food, particular hot foods, paper plats can not be bought by food stamp debit card.

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leroy June 8, 2010 at 4:59 pm

i have applied with the defacs of danielsville,ga which is in madison county for food stamps and they had told my wife that we could sign up for food stamps but we would not how can they make that decision with out any paper work being done.and i have been unemployed since november of 2009

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