Financial Survival Guide for the Unemployed in USA

by on October 7, 2011

For someone who is unemployed, meeting day to day expenses can prove to be a daunting task. Unfortunately, statistics on unemployment do not showcase a good picture either.
Millions of Americans out there do not have a proper job. Needless to say, life can be tough for an unemployed person. Lots of problems can make way into a person’s life. Chances are that an employed person may struggle to pay the utility bills, expenses for child’s education and other basic requirements of life. To top it all, one may also struggle to secure a loan because most lenders consider it a huge risk to offer loans to unemployed people. Boycotting some of the expenses might help. However, there are many expenses that one can’t afford to boycott at all.

Over here, seeking information on financial assistance programs for the unemployed in USA can prove to be a huge blessing.
An unemployed person struggling for proper shelter can seek assistance from the local Human Services department. For instance, Homeless Prevention Program is run in Washington, DC to offer financial assistance with regards to rent payment. Under this program, assistance is offered in getting one’s back rent current. In addition to this, financial assistance is also offered with regards to security deposit. One’s best bet would be to get in touch with the local Human Services department to check if they offer similar financial assistance programs or not. Chances are that they may be able to offer some valuable guidance in case they do not have a similar program for unemployed citizens.

Fortunately, the Federal Government has taken some serious steps to ease the life of unemployed home owners. Unlike the past, financial lenders agree to bail out the American taxpayers who are in need of financial assistance. This was after the American tax payer funded the major banks’ bailout. As a result, many financial institutions have willingly agreed to offer loan modifications to cash deprived home owners. Experts reckon that unemployed individuals should try their best to explore all possible options before losing hope. Chances are that one might be able to hold on to their home after an effective negotiation with the lender. One can also get in touch with the Homeownership Preservation Foundation to seek free advice that can potentially help one keep their home.

Homeownership Preservation Foundation helpline number is available 24/7 for needy citizens.
Financial aid is also available for unemployed students and graduates. Therefore, unemployed students in the United States do not have to give up their plans of further studies. Today, the federal government offers financial assistance to unemployed and other needy students through the Pell Grant program. An applicant is supposed to submit a duly filled FAFSA form in order to get started. The Pell Grant program is mainly centered towards those unemployed students who are looking to take classes at a community college or university. Information about the Pell Grant program can be easily obtained from the government’s official website. Apart from Pell Grant, there are scores of other work-study programs out there that can help unemployed students continue their studies. One can get in touch with a local community college or university to inquire about such financial assistance programs.

Some of the industry experts reckon that the funds spent on employed people only heighten the problem of unemployment. Such claims state that long term unemployment benefits encourage a person to stay unemployed rather than seeking desirable jobs. As an unemployed person seeking financial assistance, it’s important to ensure that the unemployment benefits do not serve as a cozy factor that can kill one’s hunger to seek a new job at the earliest.

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