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by on April 28, 2010

To erase application backlog Texas has begun hiring of hundreds of food stamp jobs. It has left many families waiting for help since a long time as nobody has expectations for the problems to disappear in a short span.

In the new state Texas food stamp jobs, workers are inflowing into the system in a catastrophe. They will have co-workers and colleagues with very less experience as compared to five years ago. Training provided is also shorter. Mentoring has overall decreased by the pavement. In addition, employees are working on an average of almost 13 hours of overtime on weekly basis and in some cases; it is even a compulsion to fulfill this requirement. The higher authorities push up the employees with the expectation that they can do more while the workers are in no condition to work harder as there are only so many hours in one day.

The state employees are acknowledged to face all the struggles as they are known as eligibility workers and are facing the trouble that nearly 2.9 million Texas food stamp job workers are coping up with terrible stress related to food stamps. In the month of September and in a span of 30days Texas had processed 58.6 percent of applications by the federal government. Even though the deadline had passed by the end of that month, around 42,000 families were waiting for a decision to be taken.

It is said by the state officials that families generally wait for a length of two to three months and sometimes it may also go up to five or six months, though that is the longest ever time that a family has ever waited.

It would take several months for the employees to be hired and trained at the same time. One of the two State senators, Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, was recently tapped by Lt. Governor. David Dewhurst to supervise and examine the Texas food stamps jobs as hiring employees may be a good long-term elucidation but it is not an immediate fix.

When Thanksgiving and winter holidays approach, offices close and workers take vacations and state officials are get geared up to face more challenges because if workers do not work overtime, clients do not reap the benefits. However, if workers are stressed out they end up quitting their jobs putting the state officials in a dilemma as the fact remains that workers also require a break during work.

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