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by on April 28, 2010

Texas Health and Human Service Commission has announced call centre locations for Texas Food Stamps for easy access of food stamps, Medicaid applications by the Texans which can be located at Austin, San Antonio and East Texas.

Texas can now choose to apply by phone, personally or through an email. The changes will bring out a state system that is built for the future and that operates effectively through specific design of meeting customer requirements.

A contract was signed with Accenture, which is a reputed company to manoeuvre the four above mentioned call centers. Estimates of the commission for the new eligibility model would help in saving the state a total sum of 646 million US dollars over the coming five years.

Texans are then allowed to apply using this new system to different services that will include food stamps, Medicaid and the Temporary Assistance provided to the necessity families, The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and long-term care in person, through internet, phone, and fax or through an electronic mailing system. Call centers locations for Texas food stamps will provide required support to customers from 8am to 8 pm. They will receive these applications, which are then processed, and these applications can be tracked by the consumers with the help of automated phone software and 211 is the number to call for help.

The Call centers locations for Texas food stamps will then act as centre for the new system with latest technology consisting of processing of document and imaging. Along with the private sector employees, the call centre employees will also be responsible for quality control.

Additional of 2,600 state employees will also continue to employ 211 offices through out Texas for the people who want to apply for services in person. HHSC will maintain 167 full time service offices. In addition to this 44, more satellite offices would be open for doing business on scheduled days as decided earlier and as demand dictates. The state will also create travelling units in order to provide service to customers who are facing difficulty for travelling or for people who living in the remote areas.

The newer eligibility system can provide such state-of-the-art technology that many transactions can be completed without the requirement for consumer in local office. There will round about 99 eligibility cells or offices and will located along with few other Health and Human Services offices like Child and Adult Protective Services.

The transformation to the new office will be in more than 10-month period. In addition, HHSC expects decrease in the eligibility workforce to 2,900 employees from 5,800. The phasing will begin when Accenture will take over the processing of CHIP Applications.

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