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by on April 28, 2010

Texas Food Stamp is a program that helps by providing information with respect to Texas Food Stamps for low-income groups to individuals and families. In order to fill out an application and submit the same that will be reviewed to determine to meet the criteria decided for food stamp program there is a procedure for food stamps in San Antonio.

What is the criterion that requires to be fulfilled?

If you want to qualify for the food stamp program in San Antonio, you have to meet a few guidelines and these guidelines have to do deal with your income, your assets and size of your household.

  • Maximum and minimum gross and net income limits.
  • Household size and gross monthly income and Net Monthly Income
  • $1127  $867
  • $1517  $1167
  • $1907  $1467
  • $2297  $1767
  • $2687  $2067
  • $3077  $2367
  • $3467  $2667
  • $3857  $2967

Each member in addition it is + $390 +$300

Along your income you must also be a legal US citizen or resident and there are exceptions for immigrants who have been residing in the US for at least five years or more and fall in one the following categories :-

  • Lawful permanent resident of the US under the Act of Immigration and Nationality (INA), Including Amerasian.
  • Admitted refugee under section 208 of the INA
  • Under section, 212(d) (5) of the INA has to parole for at least a year.
  • Deportation should be withheld under 203(a)(7) in effect to prior 4/1/80
  • Cuban/Haitian entrant has to be defined in 501(e) of the Act of Refugee Education Assistance of 1980

Process for Application

The very first step is to complete the application for Texas food stamps in San Antonio online and download the application. This step will be proved to very simple as you have accumulated information regarding incomes, expenses, and social security numbers for everybody residing in your household. People who will be counted as individuals in your household are:-

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Children under 22 years old
  • Children apart from foster children, who are under 18 and under parental control.

Once your application is submitted it will be managed by a case worker who will decide if more information is needed from you or not. You will receive a letter through mail in case something is required. You may also get an appointment for interview in the office or have a telephonic interview. It is essential to get the additional documents that are requested by the date of the appointment so as to ensure that you are approved as quickly as possible.

After the appointment, you will receive another letter with the decision that has been taken for your case. If you are approved for food stamps in San Antonio, you will receive an EBT card. This card will have to be activated via phone in order to be used. Once the card is approved, you can start your food purchases, the amount approved for San Antonio food stamps will be based on your size of household, incomes and expenses.

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