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by on March 3, 2012

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Living alone is tough and living for someone is all the tougher. Such is the tale of single mothers who leads a life full of challenges. The situation gets more adverse under the current economic turmoil and it wouldn’t take you much to empathize with their plight. Majority of the single mothers have to manage both, job as well as parenting for leading a decent lifestyle. Considering their circumstances, the Federal Government has introduced various kinds of grants in their benefits.

Statistics of 2010 US Census reveals that there are more than twenty million single parents of which more than 70% are women.  More shocking fact lies ahead, that among this, almost 22% live a life of poverty. To provide help to these single mothers, the Federal government has devised several kinds of grants. Other than grants, there are various other kinds of financial assistance which are provided to single mothers in the form of scholarships as well as federal loans.

The financial stringency and hardships which one faces is the main criterion on which one qualifies for these loans. Unlike the other loans which need to be repaid, this need not be paid back. The ideal places to avail all kinds of information are government sites. Though you get to find various kinds of grants which are provided to single mothers, the most extensively used financial aids are that of the ‘school grants for single moms’. This is specially designed for all the single mothers who would like to continue education once again.

Pell grant is the other kind of grant which is offered to single moms on behalf of United States education department. The basic aim of this grant is to help all those female single parents having lower earnings to continue or complete their education in college. They can also apply for scholarships on the criteria of their past academic records. Other than this, all those who are facing extreme financial stringency can also apply for the FWS, the Federal-Work -Study program. All these programs have helped the single mothers to lead a life of self sufficiency.

To apply for financial help in your region, check out the listings endorsed by government, providing you intricate details of all kinds of available programs. To start with, there is the Temporary – Assistance for the needy and deprived families. Single mothers having kids below nineteen years are entitled to receive this TANF relief. But again this relief is provided only once in a lifetime having a duration of 59-60 months.

The CHIP or the Children’s Health Insurance Program is basically a kind of government insurance scheme which is present in all states covering the needy and deprived children’s needs like dental, medical as well as visionary related issues.

LIHEA Program or the Low-Income Home –energy Assistance program is also a federal government funded program for meeting domestic expenses. Preference is given to the aged. The next is the WIC or Women, infants and children program for all financially distressed single mothers. In this, one is given free coupons with which one can avail domestic needs. This is of great help to expecting or nursing females with kids below five years. Other than this, you also have the supplemental-nutrition assistance program, Section-8 housing-program, NSLP program, etc.

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