Grants for the unemployed

by on March 1, 2012

Grants for the unemployed – The life saver for those drowning in waters of unemployment .

Recession has had widespread effects on mankind. Getting a job after losing one is not easy, especially now when there is more pink slips distributed than offer letters. Statistics and reports reveal that an unemployed individual on an average requires more than 39 weeks to get a new job after losing one. It has been seen generally that on losing a job, one needs to upgrading oneself with better skills for gaining an edge over the other seekers. The United States department of labor gives grants as well as other kinds of assistance for all the unemployed till they find a new job.
The basic intention behind the Federal government’s idea of distributing grants to the unemployed is to support them and their families with the basic necessities during their span of unemployment. In this edition we would brief on some of the popular grants which are offered by the US government.

The popular grants given by the government are as follows:-

• The workforce investment act is aimed for the unemployed US citizens as well as the permanent residents to undergo various kinds of employment related trainings during their span of unemployment. This helps one to update ones skills and knowledge tank.

• The community –service block grants is offered by the US department of human and health services aiding unemployed individuals to get back their work. This service has several kinds of applications like training as well as education, etc.

• The community –development –block grant is another kind of assistance program that is aimed at reducing misery as well as poverty by the creation of more job opportunities. The time span of these grants varies from one to two years.

• Trade-Adjustment assistance grants are provided to individuals who lose their jobs due to overseas competition. A training and administrative program is provided to these individuals for upgrading their skills.

For the year 2012, the following grants have been sanctioned by the federal government like:-
1. Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Program – SGA-DFA-PY-11-08
2. Workforce Data Quality Initiative – SGA-DFA-PY-11-01
3. Serving Young Adult Ex-Offenders through Training and Service-Learning – SGA-DFA-PY-11-03
4. Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (RExO) Adult Generation 5 – SGA-DFA-PY-11-02
5. Workforce Innovation Fund – SGA-DFA-PY-11-05
Being offered a pink slip is something which none would like to bear and is a situation which none would even like to think or assume, but the reality that is seen nowadays is quite different, every other day, one or the other person is subjected to dismissal or termination from the services.

Looking into the declining job opportunities due to the widespread effects of recession and its imposing consequence, getting a job fast is a dream for everyone. But again with the presence of these above discussed federal government grants, unemployed individuals and their families can take a breath of relief. With various kinds of grants, unemployment-insurance programs, and other benefits provided by the government, the life of an unemployed person has taken a better turn. One can get to know more about these services from the government websites as well as from the use department of labor websites. The latter provides a list of options on which a unemeployed individual can resort to. You can also read loans for the unemployed to know about loans, that on the opposite to grants , you must pay them back.

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