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by on February 29, 2012

Monetary help for the unemployed individuals- Options available

The evil of unemployment and poverty has always been there in every nation and is not a new thing, but its effect has become all the more prominent with economic slowdown and recession. With far reaching effects of financial stringency spreading far and wide, human life has reduced to utmost misery. Job is the keyword in everyone’s life, and its absence does affect the life of an individual adversely. The looming tensions of making both the ends meet starts hovering over their minds. But at this crucial moment, instead of getting tensed, one needs to work out ways to deal with the situation in an optimized manner.

To start with, you need to keep your mind steady and not give up. Life after all is all about facing challenges and winning them, being unemployed is not the end of all. There are still ways to move ahead in life. First you would need to approach your ex-employer or the human resource department concerned on the date they would be issuing you your final pay-check. With the same details you can approach your local office in charge of unemployment and make an application for receiving the benefits which you qualify for.

Next you would need to evaluate your financial soundness like the time when you have become unemployed. Is it a new affair or have you been unemployed for some time now. Check if you do have any source of income or saving left on which you can bank on till you get a new job. Try eliminating your unnecessary expenses to allocate that money in paying back your dues, as you would never want to add the tag of defaulter to the exiting unemployed status.

Once this has been done, you would now need to contact your creditors. Convey to them your financial standing and ask them for a reduction in the premium or monthly payments till you have a job in hand. They would surely be interested to help you out, as they it is always better for them to receive some cash then nothing in situations when you go for bankruptcy. Though credit cards can be the easy source for you to pay your necessities, try to avoid using it as much as possible. This plastic money when not used optimally can get you entrapped in the bondages of debt.

Apart from all this, you can also take the help of other locally available resources like food banks, church missionaries, government aids. There are various NGOs as well as government agencies which work for the noble causes in helping the unemployed individuals and their families. You can even apply for food-assistance programs as well as temporary financial help from state. There are several country as well as state agencies which provide you with the guidance on the options and programs on which an unemployed individual can resort to, during their lean patch in life.

Often out of disillusionment or embarrassments an unemployed person feels reluctant to file for unemployment benefits like lengthening the period which people can be eligible for unemployment benefits, suspending the taxation of benefits up to $2,400, providing a 65% subsidy to cover COBRA health insurance premiums for up to nine months and increasing the maximum monthly food-stamp benefit by 13%. So anybody without an employment should never deter away from these benefits for the time being until he/she finds a new job.

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