Hispanic Scholarship Programs

by on August 10, 2010

It’s not uncommon to notice Hispanics take up lousy job offers that keeps them away from basic necessities of life. More than often, the cost of education seems to be outside the realm of possibility for most of the Hispanics who are seen struggling with their finances. However, one doesn’t have to live with this ordeal for the rest of their lives because there are plenty of scholarships program out there that are centered towards helping the Hispanic population complete their education, and thereby build up a rewarding career for themselves.

Advancing Hispanic Excellence in Technology, Engineering, Math and Science (AHETEMS) Foundation is a nonprofit establishment that offers scholarships to Hispanic students at various levels. Whether one is looking to complete their high school studies or seeking help to obtain a particular degree, AHETEMS has something in store for almost all Hispanic students looking to embark a fruitful journey towards the world of education. As such, AHETEMS provides merit-based scholarships worth $5000. Interested prospects must have a minimum 3.50 GPA to qualify for the scholarship. Besides this, one is required to submit a resume, recommendation details and official statement of their doctoral candidacy from the respective school in order to avail the scholarship. Other details about the scholarship can be obtained from ATHETMS website that is listed over here: www.ahetems.org
Los Padres Foundation (www.lospadresfoundation.com/home.html) is another trusted source through which Hispanics can expect great financial support to continue their educational plans. Los Padres Foundation offers eligible candidates renewable tuition assistance scholarship programs worth $2000.

The Gilbert Rios Memorial Award is another reputable scholarship program worth $5000 that is being provided to Hispanic students that have a minimum GPA of 3.0. There are few other basic requirements that one needs to meet in order to acquire the scholarship offered by this foundation. One can obtain complete details of the scholarship from the link given above.

There are many other Hispanic scholarship programs out there that can be availed by dedicated Hispanic students. For instance, MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program and La Raza Lawyers Charitable Foundation offers help to Hispanic students with their academic career. Penrose Foundation is another name that aids Hispanic students pursue their studies. Initially, one will have to shave off truckloads of time and efforts in order to get acquainted with all kinds of financial aid offered by various private and public sources. When one gets into the investigation mode, one won’t fall short of organizations looking to help Hispanics.

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