How can one earn some extra money when unemployed?

by on March 8, 2012

Money for the unemployed ? If you are unemployed and looking for ways to earn some extra money, then do not worry on that you do not have much skills. With the extra time you have in hand, here are few tips which can be used by you for earning some extra bucks. In this edition you would get few tips on how one can earn extra income while one is searching for a job. Read on to discover few interesting facts pertaining to the same.

To start with, the tips for earning extra money are several, but the onus lies on you to choose the one which suits you the best and matches with your requirements. There are several kinds of freelancer jobs available in the market. Choose the ones which match with your skill sets. Some of the popular jobs that are done by unemployed as well as part-time employers are that of writing, tutoring, etc. Some of the other smaller options which can be good ways to get away with some old stuff and yet earn money from them are like selling your old books which are lying in the store room.  If you have some old books lying in your stock which has no value, then try selling them.

You can also sell off the other items like old CDs, DVDs or cassette’s which are lying uselessly at home just getting filled with dust. All you ladies out there having several kinds of designer wear lying uselessly can sell them off at second hand price. There are several websites which take these second hand goods and resell them to others who require them. Old electronic items can also be resold to get new ones. On the other hand if you are a good writer, then you can even opt for writing services. There are several sites which publish contents. If the contents written by you are accepted by public, then you stand on high chances to earn good cash. Though you might not be earning money like in jackpots, but if you are on die-hard need for money, why not give a try for this.

Donating blood is another option, though noble but not recommended when done as a regular option when there is shortage of money.  Investment is another solution where you can invest in some shares in stock market, and if you are lucky enough and when dealt with as per the technicalities and fundamentals of market, then you are sure to earn some profits in the same.

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