How to Manage Unemployment Self Esteem

by on June 3, 2010

To maintain a good level of self esteem under the unemployment condition is one of the critical factors. This is a natural phenomenon to become low on self esteem in unemployment. However from the reality ground, the very self esteem is terrifically challenged by the constant negative remarks from friends or other relatives. Even the pity and sympathy received from different quarters of learned persons somewhat create sense of agony. Even the sympathy mingled with moderate tonality seems no good to calm the status of unemployment self esteem.

Following are some tips to manage your status of unemployment self esteem.

  • Get in touch with Action

It is said that an empty mind is a devil’s house. Hence, keeping yourself busy with some quality works will keep your unemployment self esteem away from you. You know that you have talent in performing certain tasks. There may be some unfortunate chances connected to your unemployment and hence, believing in your talent can significantly restore your lost self esteem. Think the positive aspect of your character and the contribution that you paid to your previous organisations. See the achievement awards, re-read the testimonials and letters of complement. All these will help you build up your self esteem.

  • Have A Killer Instinct Motive

You should be an optimistic person with attitude of winning the game, no matter how hard it may seem. You should cultivate in you the killer instinct motive to face any challenge coming to your way. This will help you cope with your present unemployment self esteem with affirming and powerful attitude.

Make someone your ideal that is calm, confident, energetic, and has strong frame of positive mind. Also learn different types of inspirational quotes from the learned and highly educated persons. Always try to modernise yourself in terms of honing professional skills or keeping pace with the world. Since there is nothing better than the present so, forget your past and focus on what opportunity is beckoning you. Though, you cannot change the inevitable but certainly you can make remarkable endeavour to at least face the adversity with high self esteemed personality.

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