I have lost my job

by on April 2, 2012

Recession period starts in a family when old job is lost & bad debts become too much expensive to pay. But a job loss is not the end of your world.

If you are dexterous to secure financial stability of your own basic need including food, shelter & clothes, the despair in losing your old job will not stigmatized your ability at least. Old job is like old attire that needs changes when suitability counts.

New thinking for new job is the next journey to any humans who give priority to primary financial plan & thus find escape from the old ones. Therefore, job lost may not be accidental event since financial planning is always indigence but it threatens to palsy intellectuals.

Veterans are faithful & servitude for 60 years. Annuity or regular payment is the next inevitable income to them that had been obtained by cutting off gradually small amount of money from their serviced salary. Now if the circumstance changes in writing off veterans’ servitude rule & regulations, then their retirement will be acknowledged as job lost.

Lost job can be recovered if you are not wary of any foundation that gives way to die soon or their untimely death may be considered as your resurrection. Price and production profit adversely affect the businesses existence of your job. Bad or good job exists in the coalition of these two intangible forces. So, try not to fear when you are seeing that your financial securities are dissolving which happened after you have just lost the bad job.

It is quite easy to outline several possibilities as an alternative job solution that may meet to your skills. But if you are lethargic or even fail to clarify what the job demands from you then by & by the job will stop.

Old job loss can give you time to prepare yourself for the next one but it does not mean that you are going to exile for unknown days. Reinventing your skills is challenging to get inducted again into some next good jobs. It is seen in developing countries several people resigned from their present jobs not to welcome unemployment but to cultivate more learning capability which cannot be countered as their ignorance in their next job.

Time you will spend in understanding your own abilities is the most precious one as your “next must do” while you are away from your old job.

Ignorance or being ignorant to learn the essential objectives while serving in any firms is termed as “non-workaholic”. The truth you have entailed upon your doing responsibilities while in service demands noting after you expulsion & replacement of more suitable candidate in your place. “Do Next” is the essential qualifying features in promoting yourself as a good candidate if you learn something from your old job experience.

Do remember that every job has its own economicity that creates jobs versatility which implicitly categories professionals as assets into any job entity. Job is essential to lessen your poverty stricken skills which will be polished erstwhile as your old job experience.

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