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by on March 18, 2012

The benefits extended to the unemployed – Get to know them

With the extensive layoffs and enhanced joblessness prevalent almost everywhere, the question of unemployment benefits has become quite prevalent and most frequently searched keywords in the net world. For all those individuals looking for the unemployed benefits and the other details pertaining to the same, read on.

Unemployment benefits are basically an insurance benefit that is extended to the workers who lose their jobs for some or the other obvious reasons without any fault of theirs. Usually these programs are run by the state or government based on few specific guidelines and criteria. Except in some rare cases, the money for these benefits are collected from the employers paid taxes. Workers are not charged for this. The applicant should have been employed for a minimum span of time with a specific level of earnings to be eligible for the unemployment benefit. Apart from this, as already said, the applicant should not have lost the job by his own fault. Hence anyone who is terminated or dismissed or leaves the job voluntarily cannot be eligible for these unemployment benefits. Apart from these, only individuals above the age of 18, a citizen of US or permanent resident or non citizen who is residing in US legally can apply for these unemployment benefits.

This unemployment insurance program aids the individuals temporarily with some small income for running their family and meeting their basic essential needs. An individual can file for these unemployment benefits online. There are few basic requirements needed for filing an unemployment benefit like, the presence of a valid email address, and the computer you use should have JavaScript enabled browsers, pop-up-blockers , PDF reader, and of course an internet connection.

Few other things to remember while you are filing for the unemployment benefit:-

  • Ensure that you have your SSN or social security number, without this your claim would not be accepted.
  • You should have a valid photo-identification issued by the government.
  • A separation notice or letter issued by your last employer (if present).
  • The name and the contact details of your past employers for a span of eighteen months.
  • Non citizens need to have their alien-number and its expiration time.
  • Your personal banking account and the routing number for ‘direct-deposit’.
  • The SF-50 and SF-8 for the last 2 years.
  • For self employed or farmers, etc , require to have a copy of your latest IT return in case you are applying for disaster-unemployment assistance.

It takes about 2-3 weeks from the date of filing for the applicant to receive the unemployment benefit. You need to keep on filing weekly or bi-weekly to keep on receiving the claims till you obtain a job. The applicant is duty bound to inform the respective authority once he/she receives a job or refuse any job. The applicant would also need to report to the local insurance claims office when asked to. In situations the applicant fails to report on the said date, the benefits extended might be denied.

The benefits which are given are generally an average percentage of the individuals past earnings over a period of 52 weeks. The benefits are generally extended for a span of 26 weeks in most of the states, which can be extended in situations of augmented unemployment rates.

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