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by on March 29, 2012

Unemployment training in USA

Being unemployed can be one of the worst situations which can be ever faced by a human being. It seems as if you are a bird with wings cut off! Yes that’s exactly how an unemployed person feels. This can be explained as one of the most   challenging time in your career profile, but again this is not the end. There are still chances for you to start your career once again by developing your skill sets for enhancing your chances of obtaining employment once again. Unemployment trainings are hence one ideal option which can be resorted to, under such situations.

Today you get to find various kinds of institutes as well as universities and training programs for professionals organised both privately as well as by governments for developing the skill set of the unemployed lots, such that their chances of obtaining employment increases. US have several state funded programs which cater to these needs by providing the required unemployment training. This lean period of an individual’s life has to be necessarily taken care of in useful productive and constructive works.

You get to find federal funded programs operated by the state which meets the requirements of the unemployed individuals and provides them with various kinds of training programs. This type of worker assistance is indeed a great help to all those individuals who have lost their jobs due to their insufficient know-how and skill sets. The department of training & rehabilitation and employment has various divisions present that offer assistance to unemployed individuals. This assistance can be of the form of on the job trainings, placement to reputed and good organisations, rehabilitations (vocationally), etc.

Though we have spoken about this unemployment training in USA, it is essential that we get to see how beneficial these unemployment trainings are for the individuals.

To start with, the ‘American-recovery-and-reinvestment act’ that has been signed by President Obama in the year 2009 had sanctioned funds for various projects across the US. These funds were extended to non-profit organisations, educational institutes as well as to proprietary-schools for conducting training programs for individuals who are unemployed.  Furthermore, US Department of Labor’s Trade –and –adjustment assistance (TAA) also provides programs for unemployed individuals especially workers for a span of about 104 weeks. Under this TAA –unemployment benefit is extended to the unemployed workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign-trade-agreements (FTA). The work-force investment Act also gives training to the unemployed as well as dislocated individuals to prepare them for a better career in future.

Apart from these, these training programs enable the individuals to learn few new skills during their spare time when they are sitting back at home with no job. This prepares you with additional skill set and know-how to face the world in a better way. Furthermore, this also helps the unemployed individuals to upgrade their skills. There might have been situations when one might have lost the job due to his insufficiency of knowledge and outdates skill set. These training programs can be the ideal way to update yourself with the current technological know-how.

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